In 2010 Remarkable were commissioned by Camden Council to produce an event to launch the newly rebuilt Kentish Town Sports Centre.

The show involved an audience of 100 people who were shown around the three pools culminating in a spectacular live show. Half the audience watched the performance from poolside - 'dry' , the remaining half watched from in the water of the pool itself - 'wet'.

The Show featured a performance from Team GB Olympic Synchronised Swimming team, Olivia Allison and Asha Randall. Proceeded by live classical music, singers and performance from Cocoloco.

Spectacular human water fountains were created and choreographed by Avanti Display and Cocoloco. During the show the wet audience swam the length of the pool underneath a ceremonial arch of spurting water.

The Remarkable team worked closely with the sports centre’s new management and Camden Council’s communications team to create interest and a story surrounding the event. This culminated in coverage in the press and air time on BBC London radio and the sports centre was brought back to life in a manner befitting it’s history.