Welcome to the Bar of Ideas...

An establishment like none other. A world submerged beneath the everyday, filled with the chaotic happenings and treasured possessions of the eccentric Dowling Family.

Once you have been tested on your rule breaking skills, you are invited to join Madly for a glass of Inspiration or a tipple of Doubt with Strictly.
The Bar of Ideas is a place to do as you will, put your feet up and relax with a book of science or experiment with one of the Dowling Brothers’ mad cap inventions or simply let loose to the eclectic rhythms of this extraordinary vessel.

After entering through the submarine door, the interior of the vessel is revealed. A steel framed octagonal structure lined with 8 foot tall ‘steel’ plates corroded by their countless years at sea. The Bar of Ideas is inspired by the Steam Punk aesthetic. The décor is Victoriana with a modern twist. Every drawer of every cabinet is to be opened and every chesterfield is there for your comfort.

There is an area for you to drink, a place for you to dance, a chair for you to sit and people you should meet.

The Dowling Family, odd as they are, will make you feel most at home during your stay.

We assure you that you will leave stimulated…